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Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence 246566

About easyMarkets

easy-forex® is the trade name for easyMarkets Pty Ltd.

easyMarkets® is an online pioneer market maker established in 2003. We enable traders to access the global markets, with an easy simple platform and the financial instruments to trade the markets you want, including FX, CFDs and vanilla options.

easyMarkets® technology breaks not only the administrative barriers, but also the minimum monetary entry level. With our system the user can open a position for as little as 25 USD. Furthermore, although we propose very complex financial products, we take the user step by step, in the easiest and most transparent manner, through the process of completing the transaction.

Unlike other Online trading platforms, our full range of trading tools enables importers, exporters, and other’s with Forex or derivatives exposure, to easily hedge their funds.

easyMarkets® develops and supports its own Online trading platform which gives us a unique ability to continually develop the trading platform to meet the changing needs of our users.

easyMarkets® is part of an international network with offices in Europe, Asia and Australia.

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