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There are many kinds of charts (see Technical Analysis). Start with simple charts. Try to identify trends and major changes, and try to relate them to technical patterns as well as to macro events (news, either financial or political). Make an effort to determine the general magnitude of each change on the chart (meaning: what is the $ value of the change, if you were trading at that point).

Guided tours on trading platforms

Most platforms provide guided tours, demos or tutorials, either online or via download.

Market News / breaking news

Keep abreast of world news. Read all the headlines, particularly those directly related to Forex. Check the impact of such news, if any, on the charts.

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Trading Forecasts

Read forecasts, some of which are available free of charge. Bear in mind that forecasts and predictions are made by people, none of whom can guarantee the occurrence of future events

Market Indices

Follow the indices of the leading markets (e.g. Dow-Jones, NASDAQ; Nikkei; etc.). Compare them to the changes in the market you’re trading.

Economic indicators

Pay attention to the release of economic indicators (for example – the monthly unemployment rate in the USA), and try to identify their impact on the market in general, and on specific currency pairs in particular.

Trade Glossary

Don’t hesitate to browse glossaries , which are offered free on many platforms. A given word may have different meaning as it relates to Forex and to the terminology used by the Forex market participants.

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