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Overview of Trading Forex Online

How a Forex system operates in real time

Online foreign exchange trading occurs in real time. Exchange rates are constantly changing, in intervals of seconds. Quotes are accurate for the time they are displayed only. At any moment, a different rate may be quoted. When a trader locks in a rate and executes a transaction, that transaction is immediately processed; the trade has been executed.

Up-to-date exchange rates

As rates change so rapidly, any Forex software must display the most up-to-date rates. To accomplish this, the Forex software is continuously communicating with a remote server that provides the most current exchange rates. The rates quoted, unlike traditional bank exchange rates, are actual tradable rates. A trader may choose to ‘lock in’ to a rate (called the ‘freeze rate‘) only as long as
it is displayed.

Trading online on Forex platforms

The internet revolution caused a major change in the way Forex trading is conducted throughout the world.

Until the advent of the internet-Forex age at the end of the 1990’s, Forex trading was conducted via phone orders (or fax, or in-person), posted to brokers or banks. Most of the trading could be executed only during business hours. The same was true for most activities related to Forex, such as making the deposits necessary for trading, not to mention profit taking. The internet has radically altered the Forex market, enabling around the clock trading and conveniences such as the use of credit cards for fund deposits.

Some information about Forex trading

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